rollers used in hptr mill

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Cold pilger mills by rolls - JSC Institute TsvetmetobrabotkaEquipment for modernization of roller-type cold rolling tube mills (CRTM-R) , carry out modernization of roller type cold rolling tube mills CRTM-R (HPTR) 8-15, , Use additional automatization provides to stabilize the quality of rolled tubes at....know more

HPTR - What does HPTR stand for? The Free DictionaryTenders are invited for Supply of Rough mahining of HPTR 10-20 roller for dia , vermin proof control panel along with control desk for HPTR 15-30 pilger mill...know more

АО «АЗТМ» Алматинский Завод Тяжелого МашиностроенияTUBE COLD ROLLING MILL OF ROLLER TYPE: , HPTR 8-15 HPTR 15-30, HPTR30-60, HPTR 60-120 tube cold rolling mills are , alloys, used in a variety of industries, including aircraft building, chemical industry, nuclear power industry...know more

Rolling (metalworking) - WikipediaFor mills that use rollers to crush grain or stone, see roller mill Rolling schematic view Rolling visualization (Click on image to view animation) In metalworking, rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one....know more

Auxiliary Roller Mills Manufactured by RENN Let You Operate a ,For added flexibility, the RENN Auxiliary Roller Mill can also be used as an independent Roller Mill, and can process dry and high moisture grains directly into....know more

Händle: Roller mill scrapersRoller mill scrapers by HÄNDLE feature optimal design for low contact pressure and minimal heat generation between roll and scraper, and life spans well....know more