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Scientists Invent a New, Lighter Steel That's as Strong as Titanium4 Feb 2015 , This new metal has a strength-to-weight ratio that matches even our best titanium alloys, but at one tenth the cost, and can be created on a....know more

New metal alloy has highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal ,A world-wide team of scientists has made a new metal alloy that has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than any other recognised metal material on the planet...know more

The properties of aluminium - Aluminium DesignThe properties of aluminium include corrosion resistance, durability, low weight and high strength Aluminium is easy to recycle and has a low density, a third....know more

Material with best tensile strength to weight ratio? | Physics ,I figure it's between steel cable and the nylon type stuff used in some , The highest strength/weight ratio is usually found in whiskers in which....know more

The Titanium Advantage | Metallurgy for Cyclists | Technical Articles ,Its reputation within the industry is excellent: light weight, super strength and fatigue life, , are roughly comparable when it comes to the stiffness-to-weight ratio...know more

Why Composites? - American Composites Manufacturers AssociationSome modern airplanes are built with more composites than metal including , Strength-to-weight ratio is a material's strength in relation to how much it weighs...know more

Steel, Aluminum, Bronze Alloys, Iron, Titanium- just some of the ,With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum offers many beneficial characteristics; however, abrasion, corrosion, distortion, fatigue and hardness are all....know more

High Strength to Weight Ratio - Beetle PlasticsThe term strength to weight ratio is also known as specific strength, this number allows you to compare materials of different mass or applications where....know more

Aluminium Alloy - General Information - Introduction to Aluminium ,Aluminium is one of the lightest engineering metals, having a strength to weight ratio superior to steel By utilising various combinations of its advantageous....know more

Specific strength - WikipediaThe specific strength is a material's strength divided by its density It is also known as the strength-to-weight ratio or strength/weight ratio , The materials with the highest specific strengths are typically fibers such as carbon fiber, glass fiber....know more

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio out of all the know ,Titanium is found abundantly with other ores and is used in jewellery designs, medical, aerospace, automobile and marine components as well as popular....know more

Magnesium Nano-composite Has 'Record Breaking' Strength-to ,24 Dec 2015 , Researchers from UCLA have created a new kind of metal composite , 'record levels' of stiffness-to-weight ratio and strength-to-weight ratio...know more

Aluminium - An Introduction To Aluminium Properties, Production ,17 May 2005 , Strength to Weight Ratio Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Aluminium Light and Heat Reflectivity of....know more

What metal has the best strength to weight ratio? - Quora14 Oct 2014 , Compare some top examples in the 3 most common alloy families 7068 aluminum 070GPa / 2700kg/m^3 = 259,000 Beta-C titanium....know more

Material Comparisons-Plastics, Wood & Vinyl - Aluminum Extruders ,Aluminum Extrusion vs Molded Plastic, Wood, Vinyl , Very lightweight about 60% the density of aluminum Strength to Weight Ratio, Very Good Low-good...know more

Basics of Aerospace Materials: Aluminum and Composites ,19 Jun 2014 , Besides a high strength-to-weight ratio and good formability, aluminum also has its own anticorrosion mechanism When exposed to air,....know more

How to Calculate a Weight-to-Strength Ratio | SciencingHigh values describe heavy materials that deform or break easily The weight-to-strength ratio is typically used in an inverse form as the strength-to-weight ratio;....know more

TennalumĀ® 7068 Ultra Strength Aluminum - Precision ArmamentTennalumĀ® 7068 offers the strength of steel at the weight of aluminum giving our , to certain steels giving the alloy a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio...know more

Why titanium | Van NicholasWe believe titanium is the best material for bik , Titanium has an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio which ensures rigidity, and just enough give to make....know more

Materials with a high compressive strength to weight ratio - Physics ,21 Jan 2013 , We know about extremely strong materials such as carbon nanotub However, this is only in tension What are some high strength-to-weight....know more

New metal alloy has highest strength-to-weight ratio , - ScienceAlert12 Dec 2014 , An international team of researchers has developed a new metal alloy that has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other known metal....know more

New 'High-Entropy' Alloy Is As Light As Aluminum, As Strong as ,10 Dec 2014 , High-entropy alloys are materials that consist of five or more metals in , The strength-to-weight ratio is comparable to some ceramics, but we....know more

Stronger, Pound for Pound - EovationsEovations material is the first composite material with the strength, toughness, and durability needed , to be used for structural applications that are impossible for other composite materials , Light Weight and High Strength-to-Weight Ratio...know more

Carbon Fiber Properties - Christine DeMerchantIn order to modify the characteristics of the lay up, other materials are , 1- Carbon Fiber has High Strength to Weight Ratio (also known as specific strength)...know more

Other Metals and Alloys - - Altair Enlighten7 Mar 2016 , It is particularly useful for castings and has the best strength to weight ratio of all the standard structural metals However, like aluminium....know more

Titanium Springs | Custom Springs ManufacturerTitanium Compression Springs Titanium is one of the strongest metallic elements, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal With its high....know more

Aluminum Strength vs Steel Strength - Kasten Marine DesignWhen considering the best hull material, what are the benefits of steel vs , For smaller vessels however, the weight of the hull structure is very much an issue , By this, he means the ratio of a material's stiffness to the density of that material...know more

What is Carbon Fiber? Carbon Fiber TechnologyWhen one includes the potentially massive increases in both strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios possible when these materials are paired with....know more

The Top Lightweight Metals for Aerospace - Continental Steel & Tube14 Oct 2013 , Titanium is a premium material that is especially well-suited for aerospace applications It is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and is....know more

Materials infoRaw aluminium has low strength and high ductility (ideal for foil) , High strength-to-weight ratio; High stiffness-to-weight ratio; High electrical and thermal....know more